Meet Kit

On my Doll Day post, I mentioned that I really wanted a Kit Kittredge doll. Well, late in June, I found THE KIT on eBay and purchased her. She's been settling in really well this month and I couldn't be more pleased with having her in my collection. I took her outside a while ago for pictures and these shots were the results:

Kit quickly scurried up my tree and began to tell me all about the tree house she planned to build.

She looked EVERYWHERE. I think she must have quite a nose for trouble.

Kit was the most excited when she found my old play fort, though. I think she has decided that it is her tree house... the next time I go out there, I'll probably find a member-o-belia wall!

Thank you for stopping by and putting up with my sporadic summer posting. :}
MyLittleMegara (and Kit)


  1. I love the Kit you found!, the 5th photo of her is so cute :) Congratulations!

  2. I turn my back for a few days and so many great new posts! *excited*


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