Disney Store Rapunzel Deluxe Feature Doll Review

Hello, everybody! I'm back with a new doll review! This doll can be purchased here if you feel the need to add her to your collection. As always, this is my own opinion and Disney has no idea that I am reviewing this doll.

Rapunzel arrived in a large, decorated, fancy box.

My mother's Maximus came over to investigate, but then left before I could use him in a size comparison later.

The box is purple with lots of gold detailing, like Pascal...

... and this bird.

The purple is actually patterned, too, with the bird, the sun, and a few other designs from the film.

The side of the box has a large cameo of Rapunzel on it. The other side of the box is clear plastic so you can see her.

There are several other designs, like her name on a scroll...

... and a Disney Store insignia.

She also has a little "try me" button.

The back of the box has an absolutely terrible stock photo on it, which seems to be the trend with Disney Store doll boxes right now.

Printed twice on the box is this little tidbit, the distance between the two less than six inches.

In case you were wondering, Rapunzel's hair and lantern light up.

There's also a bit of cardboard on the front of the box that says almost the exact same thing.

Rapunzel was $50, which was a lot to spend on one doll. More on that later.

There's also a picture of her tower behind her, which is pretty... but because of her lantern it would make more sense to me to put the boat scene in the background.

Because I ordered my Rapunzel online, she came with a pull tab to prevent her from singing until she arrived at my home. I don't know if this is the same for Rapunzels purchased in stores.

I tried to open my Rapunzel from the top first, but she has a ribbon strap that makes that impossible unless you want to cut the strap, which I did not. Call me a perfectionist, but I want all of my boxes to look as nice as possible as they sit in a stack in the basement. ;)

Instead, I opened her on the side.

I had to cut a few stickers, but the flap opened easily...

... but Rapunzel did not. Part of her was attached to something, and wouldn't come off. It took my longer than I care to admit to realize that the problem was her try me button, which was stuck to the front.

Once I realized that, it was a simple matter of pulling the sticker and cardboard insert off and removing the button from the hole in the plastic.

A small instruction pamphlet also fell out.

Once I had Rapunzel removed from her outer box, I had a whole lot of little plastic ties waiting to be cut off.

Once all ties and wires were removed, Rapunzel was free!

Oh, I guess she isn't supposed to have a shell...

Sadly, she did have a plastic tie in her head.

Her "try me" wire was plugged into her back, and came unplugged easily. She also had tissue under her skirt, which I just pulled out.

And now... onto Rapunzel herself!

This doll has detailed, forward-facing eyes, long eyebrows, and delicate freckles and blush.

She has ten points of articulation: her head, her shoulders, her elbows, one wrist, her hips, and her knees.

She can turn her head in both directions.

Her shoulders enable her to reach up and down.

Her elbows are articulated in two different ways. One, the arm that activates sound, only bends back and forth. The other can rotate in its socket.

Her left wrist is also articulated and can bend around in circles, just like the limited edition dolls.


Her other hand has a clear blob in it and cannot bend.

Because of her knees, Rapunzel can kneel.

Thanks to her hip articulation, she can also sit.

Rapunzel's dress is gorgeous!

Her bodice has ribbon, lace, and glitter details, and her sleeves have lace and ribbon on them.

Unlike most other Rapunzel dolls that I own/ have seen, Deluxe Feature Rapunzel (who came up with that name, anyway?) has pink lace detailing around her waist.

Rapunzel's skirt has two layers: an underskirt with printed purple flowers and a glittery tulle over skirt with printed pink flowers that go up and down the sides and all the way around in back.

Her dress closes in the back with Velcro.

In order to make Rapunzel sing/ light up, you have to slide her lantern onto the hand with the little clear blob in it. As it turns out, that blob is a light which is activated when the lantern is pressed onto it! It makes the lantern glow and fades in and out, while a bit of foam on a coiled wire springs back and forth to look like candle flame.

Here is the lantern.

When she sings, the flowers in her hair also glow.

I know my description is a little confusing, so I took a video. Sorry if the camera is shaking!

As you can (hopefully) hear, Rapunzel's voice is clear and fairly loud as she sings the "Healing Incantation" in its entirety.

This 16 inch doll has an almost identical face to the 2015 12 inch classic Rapunzel (mine goes by Amethyst, actually.) The only major difference between the two is that Amethyst has slightly more purple lips.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Amethyst can also hold the lantern. It's a little bit heavy for her but she can still hold it unassisted.

My other singing Rapunzel (I say that, although she doesn't actually work) was an eBay rescue from last December. I believe she is from around 2012-2013, and as you can see, she is very different from the 2015 version!

Just about the only thing these two have in common are body proportions and face mold. Their skin tones, hair, face ups, and expressions are totally different. eBay Rapunzel is also not in her original dress, though it would have looked somewhat like Zelle's.

Even their articulation is fairly different.

eBay Rapunzel can borrow the lantern as well, though it doesn't fit as well on her hand because the new Rapunzel has closer together fingers.

Overall, I give Rapunzel a 10 out of 10. For all that she was expensive, I feel that what the delivered almost rivals the LE dolls in quality. She is beautiful, well made, and expressive. She sings clearly and doesn't skip any of her song. She looks lovely both in and out of her box and I highly recommend her to anybody who wants her.

Thank you for stopping by! I apologize for any formatting errors that popped up in this post... my regular computer is broken and the one I'm using instead is a giant pain to use. ;)



  1. She looks awesome!
    I really wish they sold a Kida doll, I love that character so much!

    1. She is one of the most beautiful dolls I own.
      Back when the movie came out, Mattel made a 12 inch Kida. I actually have her... she makes fairly frequent appearances on Meg's blog if you're looking for pictures. :) megmylifeinpurpleandplastic.blogspot.com

  2. Oh my gosh! She is so pretty!:) I love that last picture, it is so cool and the lighting is so awesome!:D Great review!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed! :D


  3. Hi, Meg! I nominated you for the Infinity Dreams Award on my blog! http://theadventuresofannapuppy.blogspot.com/2015/12/infinity-dreams-award.html

    1. Oooh, yay! I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!

  4. I love these Deluxe dolls, if I were ever to buy a Disney doll I would get a deluxe one, I just love the tiny details! Thanks for this review!

    1. If you decide to, I'd love to see pictures! Thank you for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed!

  5. My box did not have any directions saying how to activate the singing. We did it by accident. Thanks for telling how to move the lantern.

    1. No problem! I'm glad my review was helpful. Have a great day!

  6. Can rapunzel still sing without lantern? We lost ours.

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment. I am sorry to say that the lantern is what reacts with the little bead in her hand, and I do not believe she can sing with out it. I will say that I have managed to find replacement parts for dolls and their accessories on eBay before... maybe you'll be able to find a new lantern! I hope this helps and I hope you get Rapunzel singing again soon. :)


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