April Disney Challenge: Day 3

First, I'm pleased to say that my awesome friend Kaylen has joined in on the fun! You can see days one through three on her blog here.

Secondly, it's April 3rd, so it's time for... MY FAVORITE PRINCE!!!

Kristoff Bjorgman, you have my heart. If you are reading this, I just want you to know that.

Okay, fangirl moment over.

Basically, I love how much he does for Anna and how much we see him develop over the course of Frozen. I'm also pretty sure he'd give AMAZING hugs.

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Anybody with me?

Answer in comments! I love hearing from you guys. :)



  1. I almost chose Kristoff, but I didn't think he counted as a prince. :(

    1. I say he does. After all, he's a prince among men... <3

      PS Do you have a blog other than The Disney Dolls? I looked for one but couldn't find it. :(

    2. I do! My personal blog is http://thechroniclesofalostgirl.blogspot.com/, and I'm also a contributor at http://www.thefangirlinitiative.com/

    3. Excellent! Thank you! :D

  2. Philip and Aladdin, because their singing voices are provided by two of my favourite singers. (in my native language)
    And Beast/Prince Adam and Kristoff because they are (learn to be, sort of) kind and caring.


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