Ranking Disney Prince's Hugging Capabilities

Valentine's Day is in 12 days. For some people, this is wonderful news! For some people, it's an excuse to eat too much ice cream and sob. For the third group, it's just another day to be alive. I am part of a smaller group: the group that celebrates DISNEY PRINCE day!!! Because, you know, almost every guy I know is an immature jerk Disney princes > regular people.

I have not included male characters from movies like Peter Pan, Meet the Robinsons, or The Emperor's New Groove because of their lack of a love interest and/or age.

This does contain some spoilers, especially for Atlantis, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Enchanted.

And so, from worst hugger to best hugger, I give you: The Men of Disney!

19. Tarzan
Tarzan was raised by apes. I recognize and respect that. However, this is not an appropriate way to show affection and this is NOT a hug!!!
Picture from animatedheroes.com

18. Li Shang
Now, being a military man in Ming China probably did not make Shang the warmest, fuzziest person. But this is so extremely awkward that it hurts.
Picture from disneyscreencaps.com

17. Prince Charming
I guess Charming (what is his real name, anyway?) is just too reserved to hug. Which doesn't make sense, since he kisses Cinderella all the time, but he only seems to want to dance. This still from Cinderella III: A Twist in Time was the best I could find.

Picture from disneyscreencaps.com

16. Prince Edward
Now, I wouldn't mind it if Edward started singing with me and hugging me at the same time, but Giselle looks kind of uncomfortable. Maybe he smells bad? I really can't imagine that. Whatever the reason, Edward is, surprisingly, a mediocre hugger.
Picture from disneyscreencaps.com

15. Prince Ferdinand
He's just woken his princess up from what could have been an eternal slumber and they're about to go riding off into the sunset together. Not too shabby.
Picture from animatedfilmreview.filminspector.com

14. Aladdin
For a guy who lives out on the streets of Agrabah with a monkey, Aladdin has some serious hugging skills. Boys, take notes.
Picture from disneyscreencaps.com

(Okay, what's super creepy here is that I'm in study hall and the boy behind me just started to take notes. I'm assuming he's not taking notes on this, but still...)

13. John Smith
John appears to be the kind of person who saves his hugs for when people need them most. Pocahontas looks pretty upset here and I'm glad that John is holding her close.
Picture from Universo Disney

12. Prince Naveen
Despite the fact that he is a frog in this picture (and is therefore not slimy, but mucus-y) I think that Tiana is lucky to have somebody like Naveen to hug. I'm also sure that he's just as wonderful a hugger as a human.
Picture from disneyscreencaps.com

11. Roger Ratcliffe
If I could choose just one word to describe Roger's hug, I would say "dear." Actually, I'd describe Roger's and Anita's entire relationship with that word.
Picture from Oh My Disney

10. Robert Phillip
I think the best thing about Robert's hug is that he isn't an incredibly romantic person. He's a modern business man trying to raise a fairy tale obsessed daughter by himself and he doesn't really have time (or so he thinks) for a romantic relationship. Nancy, the woman he was going to marry, is not what one would call a romantic heroine and their relationship is described as being built like a bridge. Then Giselle shows up.
Picture from disneyscreencaps.com

9. Prince Adam/the Beast
I have a feeling that hugging the Beast would be like hugging a huge dog, and when I'm sad my dog is one of the most comforting things in my house! Plus, the Beast can talk (unlike my dog.)
Picture from deviantart.com

8. Prince Eric
There's just something about Eric that makes 2/3 of the female Disney fans want to swoon. It's clear that if you do swoon around him (and you're Ariel,) he'll catch you and hold you close.
Picture from disneyscreencaps.com

7. Phoebus
Now, I did not expect the blonde Frenchman to score so highly on this because I forgot that he was actually a fairly romantic character. (I haven't seen this movie in a while.) When I came across this photo, though, I realized that a hug from Phoebus would probably be a pretty amazing experience.
Picture from Fanpop

6. Milo Thatch
Poor Milo's had it rough. He finally got to chase down his dream and was double crossed by the people he thought were helping him. But, Tangled style, he found a new dream and now he and Kida get to hug it out. It's pretty obvious how much she means to him in this photo.
Picture from disneyscreencaps.com

5. Prince Phillip
This guy is dashing and sweet and seems to be a master of hugs. Note the careful pressing of his cheek against Briar Rose's forehead.
Picture from lahisterichademich.blogspot.com

4. Quasimodo
Hugs don't have to be romantic, and Quasi seems like the type of guy who would be a wonderful hugger. Observe Exhibit A:
Picture from Blu-ray.com

3. Hercules
Super strength evidently also comes with super hugging skills. It doesn't hurt that Meg is so tiny that he can easily wrap her up in a nice big bear hug. Bonus points for the kiss.
Picture from Fanpop

2. Kristoff Bjorgman
Kristoff is a big teddy bear (with a slightly prickly outside,) so that alone makes him wonderful in my eyes but do you see the way he's completely supporting Anna, making sure she's warm, and providing all the protection he can from what is hurting her inside? This is true love, guys.
Picture from disneyscreencaps.com

1. Eugene FitzHerbert
This guy wins everything every time because he is so perfectly imperfect. This hug is the most romantic and beautiful thing in the entire movie, which is saying something because we get two kisses, a gondola ride under lanterns, and the exchange of "you were my new dream" and "and you were mine." Okay, well, that's stiff competition. But it is beautiful and romantic and there's just... something... in my eye...
Picture from Oh My Disney

Well, excuse me, I have to go hug somebody. Anybody. I just have this insane urge to hug somebody now!


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