Disney Parks Rapunzel Doll Review

We're on the second to last day of Live Your Dream December. and I thought a good way to start wrapping this up would be reviewing Posy, my Disney Parks Rapunzel doll.

Sadly, my deboxing photos are fairly incomplete because I took them in a California hotel room at about 11 o'clock at night and, while I wanted to free Posy, it had been a long (FUN!) day and I wanted to go to bed. That, and I was using cuticle scissors.

Box Front

Side One

Box Back

Side Two

Box Details in English

Parks Insignia on the Box Shell

Disney Princess Insignia on the Box Shell

Posy, now free of her shell and just on the
cardboard insert

Packaging Back

More Details

Posy's skirt had a paper wad in it to keep dye off of her legs.
It's not tissue paper, but I'm not sure what it is.


She's free!
Now we get to the fun part. :)

Pretty Posy
 She has four points of articulation: head, shoulders, hips, and knees.

Eagle pose :}

Sitting like a lady... better than Elsa!

The Can Can?

Head tilted right,

and left,

and down,

and up.
 She can turn her head to both sides.

Naturally, all of this put together (plus her AMAZING hair) makes her lots of fun to pose.

Her dress is, I believe, identical to first edition Disney Store Rapunzel, but I don't have one in my collection to confirm this. I wish!!!

The skirt panel is made of the same fabric
as the rest of the skirt, but it has a
different pattern.

The design in pink and the lace extend the full circle of the skirt.
 Her bodice is beautiful and has a faux corset closure, floral pattern, and delicate sleeves.

Posy's skirt has an annoying raw edge, but the seam underneath it is so ugly, I hardly care. Besides, I can fold it over and it stays well.

Factory flaw!!!!!!!

As for the inside of the skirt, her panel is not a full underskirt. You can also see her Parks tag. :)

And now for Posy's crowning glory.... her hair. It's thick. It's well rooted. It's shiny. It's long. It's gorgeous. It's soft. *Cries joyfully*

She has my favorite face mold of any Rapunzel doll ever, plus a beautiful paint job.

She looks so fresh and pretty, but still with the same spunkiness
of the Punzel we know and love.

Here she is with Singing Rapunzel, who shares her mold and
beautiful paint.

Here she is with my only other 12 inch Rapunzel at this time,
Rapunzel. Clever name, I know. She's a First Edition Mattel.
They are fairly similar with the main differences being height, hairstyle, dress detailing, and lack/ unnecessary addition of shoes.

That bracelet didn't come with Rapunzel,
it's her wedding bracelet.
Rapunzel (left) has loose, flowing hair that, though it is not exceptionally thick, held up against some serious playing in its day.

Posy's is braided, making it more manageable.
Can we all have hair like this???
Their articulation is 100% identical.

Both also came with hairbrushes. Rapunzel's is gold while Posy's is silver and identical to the brush from the movie.

I also wanted to take pictures of her with the two Flynn dolls currently available to me: the 2013 and 2014 Disney Store versions. The two are extremely similar, but hopefully their differences show in this picture: my Flynn, the 2013 version, is on the left while my mother's, Mr. 2014, is on the right.


Now, my Flynn is happily married to Rapunzel and flat out refused to take a picture with just Posy that might imply anything about their relationship beyond that of friendly acquaintanceship. That was fine with me and I just hope you agree.

For those of you who haven't had a chance to read about this adorable couple on Meg's blog, she has several updates coming up- several months of updates, actually!

True Love

This picture is the best we got that everybody involved could agree on. My best advice for you is that if you have an unmarried 2013 Flynn, he would (at least visually) make a good match for a Parks 'Punzel.

2014 Flynn, being single, was much more easygoing about getting a picture with Posy. Once again, we have a good visual match, but don't get your hopes up for these two specifically because my mother has a Rapunzel herself. (I don't think Posy minds, though- she has informed me that she doesn't plan on getting married until she's good and ready, and that she doesn't really expect that time to be soon.)

I give Posy a 10 out of 10. Even with her slight dress mishap, she is an absolutely beautiful doll and is the jewel of my Tangled collection. Her hair is thick and full, her face is detailed and expressive, and her dress is well made and beautiful. I recommend her for children who will be careful with her hair and clothing and any collector. In short, if you are even slightly considering getting this doll, do it. You won't be disappointed!

We have one more day left and I've got a surprise up my sleeve for tomorrow!

What is it? Well... you'll just have to wait and see. >:)



  1. Parks Rapunzel looks lovely! I wish I could see her in person and style her hair :)

    1. Thank you, Posy is gorgeous! I've been so good about not playing with her hair, though- she's still factory condition!


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