Elsa Classic Doll Review

As you know, I recently got all four of the Disney Store's Frozen Classic Dolls. I've decided to review Elsa today.  Everybody wearing a warm coat? Okay. Things are about to get FROZEN.

Sorry. But then again, I'm really not.
Maybe you should... LET IT GO.

Okay. I'll stop now.
Disney Store Classic Elsa
Box Front
Her hair was destroyed by the box. I was NOT happy.
 Box Front Details
The lighting is making it look green- it's really a soft blue green.

Here you can see some rosemaling and part of the icicle design around the doll herself.

Her hair was so awful I almost returned her- but her sweet face changed my mind.
Clearly, one more minute in that box was going to cause her to suffocate!

More rosemaling and the snowflake design behind it
 Right Side
A smaller version of the icicle on the front, plus some more rosemaling.
 Box Back

 Box Back Details

 Left Side

 The plastic front, sans Elsa

 And the doll, still attatched to the back card.

Her hands were rubber banded to little plastic tabs on either side.

See? Aren't you glad you didn't return me?
 Other than her hands, she was a little hard to remove.
Doll box or high security prison?
 Her ankles were bound together and to the back, and she had another twist tie around her waist.

Looks super comfy.

I hate these waist ties- it's a pain to have to partially undress your doll just to get them unpackaged!
 Her head was attached to the cardboard with the usual plastic thingies (I have no idea what the technical term is!) that make it really hard to free your doll without cutting her hair. I did it, though!

There are no words.
 Her dress was attached the same way.

Her back card is printed with a picture of Arendelle castle, the fjords, and the mountains.

By now, any thoughts of returning the doll had left my mind. :)

Hmm. This isn't an ice palace, but I like it.
 Her cape was held shut by the plastic thingies, too.

This dress. Oh my goodness. This dress is coated in glitter, but in the entire process I lost none of it. Usually, the Disney Store glitter goes everywhere and doesn't go away. But Elsa's seems to have been stuck on by magic. This dress is perfect. If you look up quality in the dictionary, you see this dress. But I will save my thoughts on this dress until later.

Here I stand... and here I stay!
 Her shoes left a little to be desired, though. Boring flats don't really strike me as Elsa's style. They are held on by rubber bands, and although they probably stay on fine by themselves, I didn't really want to find out so I left them on, just in case. :}

Her hair was rubber banded to her arm.

 There was another rubber band around the base of her braid that I foolishly removed.

That left a big crease in the middle of her hair.

Oh, well, what's one more hair issue?
Yesterday, I finally took the time to take photos of her articulation and details. It's only been, what, a month?

Here you can see her beautiful face and her now lovely hair.

You can click on the photos to make them larger.

And you thought of returning me.
You are a horrible, horrible judge of character.
Gee, thanks, Elsa.

She has 7 points of articulation: head, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle.

The highest her arms can go without being turned around
And the highest after turning. 
Her head can turn to the left,
and the right.
She can also look up
or down.
Here we have poor, bow-legged Elsa's legs.
 I prefer the rubbery popping knee kind.
Her knees bend to a ninety degree angle.
Her ankles also bend, which I think is fabulous! 
She can sit, although it is difficult and it is not the most
ladylike sit ever.
She is incredibly fun to pose because of her articulation, especially her arms.

Her hair did improve with time. All I did was lay her on the side with the messed up hair and force it back. It molded itself to the side of her head and she turned out to have the best hair I've ever seen on an Elsa classic doll! As for the end of the braid, I just left it the way it was. It still isn't perfect, but the crease is nearly invisible now.

 As I said previously, I am in LOVE with this doll's dress.

Her cape is GORGEOUS; covered in glittery snowflake designs that don't shed any glitter at all!

There is a larger, almost crown-like design
at the top with smaller snowflakes around the hem.

The slit on her skirt extends to about her knee.
Her bodice, again, is covered in glitter but barely sheds.
Long sleeved chiffon (I think) shirt with glittery "corset."
Overall, I give this doll a 9 out of 10. I'm deducting a point because of her hair mishap and her wonky legs. She is a gorgeous doll and any collector or gentle child would absolutely adore her, but she's a little fragile for constant play and I wouldn't recommend giving her to a young child. I'm very pleased to have this gorgeous doll in my collection and highly recommend her!

 Let the storm rage on!



  1. I love that sray curl of hers. Someday I'll have my own ELsa and Anna dolls. I'm haunting your blog and so do my four little dollfriends, Annis, Arabella, Rosemary and Christine :) And don't worry we'll bug Meg and the others as well. :)

    1. It took me almost a year to finally track down the Frozen classic dolls- trust me, they are worth the wait! I'm glad you've been enjoying my blog. What kinds of dolls are they? They sound lovely! Meg is very excited by the prospect of new visitors- she has an update in the works that she hopes to get up before the end of the month. :)

  2. I agree they are definitely worth the wait. Her dress, her face, everything is perfect on her.

    They are all Disney mini dolls from a Disney Park. I got them through a trade. Here they are:
    Annis is the Ariel doll, Arabella is Jasmine (I couldn't convince her that that's a name for a Belle doll) Rosemary is Rapunzel and Christine, Chris for short is Merida. We all started over at Belle's Bulletins and that's how we found Megs blog. :)

    1. They are absolutely lovely! I have 12 inch dolls with faces similar to Annis and Rosemary (2010 Classic Ariel and 2010 Classic Rapunzel, respectively) and I love the tiny Merida curls!!


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