Lindsey's Summery Scooter Photo Shoot

Happy summer from Lindsey Bergman!

I took these pictures last summer, actually, after I'd purchased her scooter. She's wearing Isabelle's meet outfit, and looks very sweet and summery!

What's your favorite outdoor summer activity?


  1. This outfit looks so good on her that I thought it was made espcially for her!
    Favourite summer Activity? Running after my dolls with camera in the garden! ^_^

    (PS: I can't find the Newer Post and Older Post buttons, am I blind or are they gone? I use them to walk through all your posts from time to time :) )

    1. Haha, yes, that's one of my favorite summer activities too!

      Hmm, they don't seem to be here with the new format. I'm sorry. :( You can still find my old posts by going through the search bar or going to the home page and clicking "more posts." I promise I haven't deleted anything!

    2. Of course! On my home page there are also labels and an archive to the side.


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