Well Done, Sister Suffragette


Today, all around my country and all around the world women (and men) are gathering in protest.

Today, I know women who are marching on Washington to make their views known and, for better or for worse, to create history.

Today, I am reminded of women gone before, marching for political equality, unhindered by sex.

Today, I would like to take the time to thank some of my heroes.

Thank you, Ida B. Wells, as you crusade against lynching and fight for gender and racial equality.

Thank you, Alice Paul, for putting your life on the line as you lead a struggle for the enfranchisement of women in not one country but in both England and America.

Thank you, Lucy Burns, for leading and sacrificing with Alice in both countries and refusing to back down, even when abused and incarcerated.

Thank you, so many others, heroes sung and unsung, remembered and forgotten, fighting to gain a voice and a vote.

Thank you for opening doors so that we, your daughters' daughters, may continue the paths you began for us, paving the future.

Thank you all.

Well done, sister suffragette.