Doll Craft Tutorial: Make an AG Sized Laptop

It's time for another craft tutorial!

Step one: buy a plastic credit card wallet. I think I got mine at Walmart for about $3.

Step two: pull out the plastic credit card holder.

Your wallet should now look like this.

Step four: go online and find pictures of a laptop keyboard and various computer screens. Scale them down to size and print.

Step five: cut out screen(s) and make sure it (they) fits (fit) in the top of your laptop. DO NOT GLUE.

Step six: cut out keyboard, leaving spaces for the latch of the wallet and the hinge.

Test for fit.

Step seven: spread glue around edges of case.

Glue keyboard down.

That's it! Your computer is now complete. If you didn't glue down the screen, you can print other pictures to switch out so that your doll can browse online.

I printed out an article on Moana because Lindsey was entered in Miss AG Playthings and one of the themes was "rock."

Here's a picture of the laptop in action, which I used in the contest. Lindsey's photo even placed in the top 3 for the round!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


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