Disney Store Classic Moana Doll Review


Moana arrives in a teal box featuring art similar to the art in her film.

Her name is printed in the bottom right corner.

Moana's box, apparently, turns into a boat...

The top of the box has the Disney Store logo and an age warning.

Moana looks absolutely gorgeous inside her box.

The sides are decorated with more art:

The pattern is different on both sides. It reminds me of Maui's tattoos.

The back of the box is very busy and cheerful.

Once again, we get a reminder that Moana's box can become a boat:

There's also a picture of Moana, Maui, and their animal sidekicks.

Moana's box is environmentally conscious:

Moana costs more than her Classic Doll counterparts, but she's worth her price (in my opinion.)

Moana's box has an outer shell like most Disney Store boxes:

Inside are also a sheet of instructions and a paper "sail" so that her packaging can become a boat.

I did not make the box into a boat, so unfortunately I have no pictures of that. If anybody has done this and wants to send me pictures, I would love to put boat pictures in this review!

Moana is encased in a cardboard and plastic inner layer.

The plastic comes right off.

Moana is attached to the paperboard backing.

The back is a tangled web of twist ties and thread.

Moana's paddle is held in her hand with the help of an elastic.

There's the empty box:

Back to the oar:

The oar is beautiful. It's a very refined-feeling plastic, and the designs are not only painted but also carved into the surface.

The back is plain and has a small handle.

Once freed, Moana is even more stunning.

Her face is engaging and lifelike, and brings some much needed diversity to the Disney lineup.

Her hair is an interesting curly texture, not too frizzy.

The ends are a bit frazzled right out of the box, and I can see her hair getting unmanageable for play.

In pictures, however, her hair is absolutely GORGEOUS.

Moana's costume consists of a necklace, a demi top,

and a beautiful layered skirt.

The skirt has a Velcro closure in the front.

It is held on with a plastic tie.

The top fastens in back.

Here's her outfit on a plain backdrop:

The fringe inside her skirt looks like grass:

Her necklace is highly detailed for something so tiny.

Moana reminds me a lot of my Mattel Crystal Princess Kida doll, from Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

I think the two are going to be good friends.

They even each come with a large prop.

I also think it's important to compare Moana to a typical Classic doll since she has a new body but similar articulation.

Moana and Snow are about the same height, Moana is slightly shorter.

The two have similar articulation, with jointed elbows and wrists and click knees.

The difference in size between their hands is almost laughable.

Snow's tiny, delicate hand suddenly looks far too small for her wrist.


Moana and Snow have the same points of articulation, but the identical-ness (yay for new words!) mostly ends there.

Moana is printed with a large tattoo of text.

Snow White has only a serial number.

In profile, Moana has a straight stance and a flatter chest than Snow White, as well as a thicker torso.

As I said, both have the same main points of articulation.

I was also curious about clothes sharing opportunities for the two dolls.

Snow White can wear Moana's outfit, but Moana can absolutely NOT wear Snow's.

So what else can Moana wear?

Well, she fits in this Barbie fashion pack dress:

The Velcro can completely fasten in back.

Here's another fashion pack dress:

Which fastens:

While slightly baggy, Moana also fits in this 1970's Barbie dress:

Which can snap shut in back:

Of all of these dresses, Moana looks best (I think) in this handmade blue dress.

It also fastens.

Moana can also fit in this Ken shirt, which is adorable on her.

I can totally see a modern day Moana wearing this.

Of all of her outfits, Moana looks best in the outfit she came in...

...and her oar adds an element so crucial to Moana's character.

Moana is a charming addition to my collection and I am thrilled that I purchased her.

I had a wonderful time posing her for pictures:

Overall, I give Moana a 10 out of 10. She adds some wonderful diversity to both the Disney line up and my personal collection, representing a new body type and ethnic background for a Disney princess. (Excuse me, Moana doesn't think she's a princess. Disney heroine, then.) Moana is worth every penny, although I would hesitate before giving her to a young child. Her hair is gorgeous, but I don't think it would hold up well to rough play. If you want Moana even a little bit, get her. I promise you won't regret it.


  1. She looks gorgeous! I might get her for my birthday! (And she has the body I imagined for my own character :) )

  2. Oh, she's so gorgeous! I think my favorite detail is the fringe for her skirt. That's such a fun detail that they included!

    1. She's a beautifully well constructed doll. :)

  3. *dies* This is weird, but I love her feet. I like the mold, XD

    1. Her feet are an interesting new mold - I like them too!


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