Disney Store Animator's Collection Lilo Doll Review

Time for another doll review!

After some deliberation, I decided it was time to get a new Animator's Collection doll. Lilo's face stole my heart from the first time I saw pictures of her and she finally found her way into my collection this summer.

Lilo arrived in a white box with red, black, and yellow detailing.

Her box is the same as all the other Animator boxes.

Disney Store logo...

Suggested age range...

... and precious artwork of Lilo herself.

The back is printed with information about the animator who designed the doll.


Where most of the princesses in the lineup have tiaras on their boxes, Lilo has three flowers.

The outside layer comes off easily and Lilo is revealed against a yellow corrugated backdrop.

Her feet are held in place by two twist ties on the bottom and the back of the box is covered in packaging.

Sadly, Lilo has not escaped the plastic-ties-in-the-head phenomenon.

Lilo's hair is tied to the sides of the box.

Her dress is held to the box with plastic ties.

Still, all in all, she wasn't hard to free from her packaging.

Her bag and Scrump are both tied to her dress.

Scrump is also held on with an elastic band around Lilo's wrist.

Which is upside down, for some reason.

Here's Lilo by herself:

Her hair is soft and thicker than most Animator dolls, but it has some gross clumps of hair product in it.

The front of her hair is tied above her ears with elastics.

I love her bangs!

Here you can see how stiff her hair is with product...

... and how the chunks of product stick to the fiber. Blech.

Lilo's face is very true to her character with high eyebrows, side-glancing almond shaped eyes, an adorably large, round nose, and a half smirk.

Her dress looks exactly like her movie dress.

The design appears to have been printed on one side of the fabric.

Lilo wears blue athletic sandals, held on with clear elastics.

Lilo has five points of articulation: shoulders,


and head.

Her head can turn a full 360 degrees.

Lilo's bag is a simple army green duffel, held shut with a plastic tie.

It is stuffed with tissue to help keep its shape.

Scrump is adorably horrible and seems very Tim Burton.

Her front side is embroidered, her back is plain mint green.

Overall, I give Lilo a 9 out of 10. She's a wonderful doll and is a spectacular representation of her character, but the thick product in her hair detracts from her overall value. While it doesn't really bother me since I don't plan to brush and style her hair, I see no reason why any part of her hair should be full of product except those adorably sculpted bangs. Her hair is kind of disgusting to the touch, although the under layers of her hair are soft and seem quite style-able. If you adopt Lilo, my advice is to try and boil wash her hair (except for those bangs) to get the product out before attempting to style her hair. Still, she's a great doll and I hope anyone who wants to take her home is able to! She's one of my favorite Animator Dolls Disney has produced.


  1. Another review in such short time! *very happy*

    1. Haha! I'm glad you're excited! :)

  2. Oh wow, she's perfect. I think this is the best representation of a character in doll form that the Animator's Collection has done! I wonder if we'll see some other non-princesses? Maid Marian or Vanellope Von Schweetz?

    1. I'd love a little Meg or Esmeralda!


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