Rose Tyler Funko POP! Review

Hello, sweeties! It's been too long since I posted a doll review on this blog, but never fear! I am here to remedy this oversight with a review of the adorable Funko POP! version of Rose Tyler, companion to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors and all around every day bad wolf.

Rose comes in a blue and orange box, decorated with the Doctor Who logo, the POP! logo, and art of her Funko self.

The back of the box features art of other Doctor Who POP! figures (but no Ponds. Why have they not made my beloved Ponds? I would so buy my Ponds. Pond POP!s. It just sounds right. I WANT MY PONDS.)

The side has more orange designs, the POP! logo, and another picture of Rose.

The top shows the top of Rose's head, as though she is peeking over the edge.

The box opens easily, and out slides Rose in a clear plastic shell.

It's easy to pop the shell open and free Rose.

Rose comes with a stand.

There are holes in the bottoms of her feet which the stand clips into... until it breaks. Both of my POPs who have stands have lost at least one of the pegs on the stand. *Sigh.*

Anyway, Rose stands quite nicely with the stand clipped to her feet while it lasts.

Rose has the standard POP! features: eyes, eyebrows, and nose. She doesn't have a mouth but she has subtle eyeshadow.

The front of her hair is pulled back and it is all blonde. Rose doesn't have Billie Piper's signature dark roots.

Didn't realize until just now that this is the picture of her
with her head backwards...

I photoshopped the picture to see what that might look like, and I think I prefer her just blonde!

My Rose has a slight paint defect- a pink streak on the side of her hair.

There is a molded pink flower holding her "hair" back.

Rose is wearing a replica of her outfit in the episodes "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances." (Fun fact: that was my Halloween costume.)

She has a black jacket, a tee shirt with a slightly warped looking Union Jack on it, a white undershirt, dark wash jeans, and blue Timberlands molded on.


There's the real thing.

Back view:

Rose's head can turn a full 360 degrees.

Now, to compare Rose with my other Funko POP! figures and some other Doctor Who merchandise.

Rose is slightly taller than Anna.

Why doesn't Alice have eyebrows?

Rose is also taller than Alice, although Alice's bow makes her look taller.

Princess Celestia TOWERS over Rose.

Rose is slightly taller than my mother's Ninth Doctor with her stand, which isn't very accurate...

... but taken off the stand, their height difference is more in proportion with that of Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston (if they had giant heads.)

Of course, Rose is significantly taller than my mini Ten key chain.

Rose is also taller than my light up Tardis figure (it's from one of the little boxed kits you can get.)

My Tardis is a good size for tiny Ten, though!

Rose just looks strange next to this Tardis ornament.

Still, I couldn't resist getting a picture of Nine, Rose, and the Tardis.

Last but never least... a line up of everyone.

Of course, I had to get a picture of Rose with my screen accurate (!) Nellie Timberlands.

I really, really love these shoes.


There's a screenshot from the episode of Rose wearing the same shoes.

Funko POP! Rose captures the shoes really well. Such a small detail, but very true to the real pair!

Overall, I give Rose a 9 out of 10. She's a fantastic little figurine, and they did a very good job of capturing both Billie Piper's image and Rose's character in vinyl form, but the fact that her stand broke so easily and the strange scale of her t-shirt's flag loses her a point. Also this is an episode with the Ninth Doctor in it and Rose is a companion for Nine and Ten so that just felt appropriate. I highly recommend this POP! if you are a POP! collector or a Doctor Who fan in general.  She's well worth her relatively low price tag.

As always, thank you for reading! Enjoy your week!

bonus behind the scenes picture


  1. She is adorable! Or should I say they are all adorable? :)

    1. I love Funko POP!s, they're all precious!

  2. The new header photo is so beautiful!


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