Oswin Oswald Cosplay Tutorial

It's been too long since I posted a costume tutorial! 

When I first watched "Asylum of the Daleks," I really liked Oswin's outfit. I thought her tool belt was very cool, and I liked the sassy red dress she wore. 


Her character wasn't my all time favorite (Rose and the Ponds win that honor,) but her story was so tragic and interesting and Oswin was an interesting character. 

I found a dress at Goodwill that I wanted to use as my base. The basic structure was similar, although the dress was too low cut in front and the skirt was too long.

I started by disassembling the twist in the front and attempting to reconstruct it to look more like Oswin's wrapped neckline.

I went through several different potential necklines before I was satisfied.

Halfway through this project, I got a real dress form (!) and my project became a lot easier... and the flaws of my pinned neckline became a lot more obvious:

I played with it some more, and ultimately settled on this:

It isn't perfect, but it looks enough like Oswin's neckline to be recognizable.

My dress form has a hem gauge, and I used this tool for the first time on this costume.

The finished dress:

When I started the cosplay, I was initially very nervous about making the tool belt.

picture taken of an image in Doctor Who: The Vault
The belt has so many pieces on it, and is absolutely indispensable for recognizing the character.

I found that making the bodice of the dress was incredibly frustrating, and I kept stopping and starting this project. During one pause, I took a trip to Goodwill and found a bunch of miscellaneous black and gray objects. Inspiration struck and I knew how to make my belt!

I took this black phone case piece and painted it with silver paint.

The design was loosely based on one of Oswin's tools:

The Vault

All done:

I also found this faux leather case which I believe was for a GPS.

The inspiration for this piece:

The Vault

I painted the case with black, gold, and gray paints.

I found this battery case:

This whisk:

This Sudoku game (which still works):

And I found two old film canisters around the house, which I painted silver:

I also found an old gray phone case.

The inspiration for it's paint job:

The Vault

I painted it with gray and gold paint.

I found an over-sized belt at the same Goodwill trip.

The gray phone case already had a slit along one side, but I lengthened the slit on the other side so I could slide it onto the belt.


To attach the black case, I cut a strip of duct tape.

I cut slits along the sides,

Then folded in the sides to make a strap.

I taped it to the inside of the case.

Onto the belt it went:

I cut slits into the back of the Garmin case.

I made another duct tape handle for the Sudoku game.

The battery case has a built in clip.

To attach the film canisters, I cut a strip of faux leather from an old craft project.

I painted it black.

I hot glued the ends down onto the wrong side of the fabric.

I hot glued it around the canister with the right side facing out.

Then I hot glued the canister to the belt.

I found an old, cheap necklace chain in my beading drawer.

Using needle nose pliers, I attached it to the whisk.

I figured out where I wanted the whisk to go, then glued down the end of the chain.

I made another faux leather strap.

I glued it to the belt, getting as close to the whisk as I possibly could without gluing the whisk itself or anymore of the chain.

I wanted to add some rivets, so I cut apart an old string of Mardi Gras beads.

I cut the tread as close to the bead as possible.

I glued two beads on either side of the whisk's strap.

I also added beads to the sides of the two canisters.

The finished belt:

I was very, very pleased with how my belt turned out. It's one of my favorite things that I've ever made.

Oswin has high top red sneakers with a hidden wedge heel. I looked for red wedge sneakers on eBay and found a Chinese seller that had something similar and inexpensive. The shoes were true to size and are surprisingly comfortable, though I doubt they'd hold up to consistent daily wear.

As for Oswin's hair, I have a wig that I ordered on eBay. It looks more like Clara's hair than Oswin's, and that is my primary use for it, but as they are both technically the same character I don't think it matters. It's called a "Sasha Blaus Attack on Titan" wig, I think. It's also designed to look realistic in a ponytail, which is nice, since Clara does a lot with her hair.

Not a bad likeness, especially if I sweep the bangs to the side.


In terms of accessories, Oswin technically has a watch and a ring (which you can see in the above picture.) I don't have pieces for either of these accessories as they're minor details and not absolutely necessary to be recognizable. Oswin also has different accessories throughout the episode, including a rose (and possibly earrings):


an apron:


and a Dalek:


My finished costume:

I hope this was helpful to aspiring Oswin cosplayers! Best of luck to you with your costumes. 💋


  1. This cosplay... I can't really find the words to express how much I like this tutorial! The belt is very creative! No wonder you like it so much! I think this is one of your very best projects!

    1. Thank you so much! I had a great time making it and I'm so glad you enjoyed looking at it!!

  2. GASP
    funny thing
    I still haven't watched Doctor Who.


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