Bandersnatch Chronicles Hiatus? No, Just a Quick Break

As you may have noticed, this Saturday was the second Saturday in November, and the second Saturday has (for the last two months) meant a Bandersnatch Chronicles episode. However, this month brought no new stop motion video of my Ever After High dolls... why is that?

Don't worry, I promise I did not forget. I'm just taking a quick break from making an episode this month so I can make an extra fantastic CHRISTMAS SPECIAL to be uploaded some time in late December (most likely closer to Christmas than the second Saturday.)

Thank you for your patience!



  1. Seems like you are very busy :(
    (I was hoping for a few word about the Live Action Beauty and the Beast trailer from you)

    1. VERY busy, yes!

      I just saw it this morning, and it is absolutely GLORIOUS!! I can't wait for the Disney Store to make dolls, I think I'll buy about 8 of each character!!


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