The Second Bandersnatch Chronicles Episode!

I am pleased to present to you the second episode of my stop motion series "The Bandersnatch Chronicles!"

I tried to give this one more of a plot focus than the first, and I think that worked fairly well. It's also slightly (about ten seconds) longer than the first. It's still a little shaky - I need to find out a way to fix that, because the stabilization features on both Movie Maker and YouTube cause more problems when added than there were before I use them! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and that it makes you smile.

Without further ado...

Growth Spurt.

Thank you!


  1. Hi, Meg! I loved this episode!
    Also, I wanted to tell you that A Monsterous Dollween's costume party has opened! I wasn't sure if you had seen my post yet. ☺

    1. Thank you! I did see that, and I am anticipating posting about it next week once I have costumes squared away. :)


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