Disney Store Live Action Film Collection Alice Through the Looking Glass 12 Inch Doll

On a recent trip to the Disney Store, I found one lonely film collection Alice in clearance. I was overjoyed at my luck and she immediately went into my shopping basket. Once I got home, I decided to review her (after all, this blog is adventures in doll WONDERLAND.) While I have yet to see Through the Looking Glass, I absolutely love its predecessor Alice in Wonderland so I was very excited to find this Alice.

Her box is very nicely designed with a clear plastic shell and a printed cardboard back, much like every Disney Store box.

Mia Wasikowska's Alice is on the back of the box, and the left side of the box is printed with clocks.

The front of the box has the typical "ages 3+" and Disney Store logo and the Alice Through the Looking Glass logo printed on it.

Here you can see Alice's picture better, as well as some information about the Film Collection.

Several twist ties and plastic ties later...

... and Alice was free! Sort of.

Okay, NOW she's free.

Unfortunately, the plastic from the box crushed the back of her hair and she came out of the box looking a bit disheveled.

A bit of finger combing fixed that problem quickly and effectively. Her hair is soft and very pretty.

Alice's face sculpt and paint are lovely and bear a striking resemblance to Mia Wasikowska.

Alice may be the most life-like doll I own.

Alice's clothing is very fun and vaguely steampunk-y. Major points to Coleen Atwood, costume designer for both Alice films! I may have a favorite costume designer now...

Alice has a black overcoat with metallic snaps on the front (just to clarify: the top Velcro-s shut, it doesn't actually snap) and several "tails"lined with red. Alice's sleeves have black stripes and are attached to the overcoat. (Alice's outfit is two piece: top and pants.)

Her sleeves also have little "buttons" on them (really just French Knots.)

Her you can see her tails:

And the two ribbons coming down from her shoulders:

Alice's pants are a black and white plaid satin and have a shape reminiscent of 19th century bicycling bloomers.

The waistband has a printed black and red design trailing down from it.

Around the ankles, Alice has yellow ribbon with a plastic decoration, most likely meant to represent a ribbon flower. Her boots are green with black and pink detailing.

Alice has her hair partially pulled back from her face and twisted into a ponytail holder.

In one hand, Alice carries a Golden Snitch some kind of golden ball. Having not seen the new movie, I don't know what this represents.


The snitch ball is attached to her hand with a clear elastic, which runs through a hole in its center.

Alice has nine points of articulation. Shoulders...





And knee. Alice has the rubbery click knees.

All of this put together makes Alice very fun to pose and photograph.

Overall, I give Alice a 10 out of 10. She is a beautiful, realistic doll and her details are carefully recreated in her stunning costume. While I got her on clearance, I would happily pay the $35 that this doll originally retailed for. I highly recommend her to collectors of all ages and careful children. My only complaint is that her click knees are weak and do not bend as far as some of my other click knee dolls. If your Disney Store still has Alice in stock, I seriously advise getting her before she's gone!


  1. In one hand, Alice carries a Golden Snitch some kind of golden ball. Having not seen the new movie, I don't know what this represents.

    I SERIOUSLY LAUGHED DO HARD. 'Alice, didn't you ever wonder where yer parents learned it all?"

    "Learned all what?"

    "Yer a witch, Alice."



    2. I think my brain just exploded from awesome. Will they meet at Camp Half Blood????

    3. Obviously. (By the way, I took a personality quiz, and I'm Apollo. -_-)

    4. I shall call you Lester for the rest of my days.


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