Camp Gowonagin: Day Three: Camp Friends

Camp Gowonagin today is all about spending time with friends.

Anna found a new friend today: a turtle!

Maisy, Ella, Meggie, and Ana went cloud gazing and made a pyramid!

Those Frozen friends are really great. They even offer shelter - not sure if they enjoy it as much as the four free princesses.

Molly and Kit are happy to spend camp with each other and their dogs.

Barbara and Dolly: New friends who share the same silly ways of having fun.

Molly and Hollis were overjoyed to discover that they shared a love of nature and enjoyed studying this frog that they found on a toadstool.

Brenda and Joyce are friends who don't mind silly behavior.

Bell is teaching her friends about different rocks and minerals. She is the instructor at the camp.

Yay for more camp!


  1. Friends hangigng out together... :D
    Such lovely pictures!

    1. I'm so pleased with this year's submissions!

  2. I REALLY wish i could be at camp with all of these girls!! And Loki.


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