Camp Gowonagin 2016: Day Two: Great Outdoors

Welcome back to Camp Gowonagin for our second day!

Molly has climbed a tree and can see the whole camp!

Elsa's friends are enjoying the sunshine.

The campers went for a walk in the woods, and the bark of this tree caught Hollis' eye first, then Molly's. The counselors panicked when they couldn't find the girls and had to backtrack until they found them, still fascinated by the tree!

Brenda and Joyce think climbing trees is a great outdoors activity!

Meggie, Ella, and Ana are climbing on a pile of old logs. Hopefully there's no poison ivy!

Kit loves looking around the camp!

Barbara and Dolly: "We don't need that tent after all, it's much better this way."

Poca and Meri enjoy some time in the sun.

Maisy is going on a hike into the woods. She hopes to find a salamander or a newt.

Enjoying the sun - and they used the box to help them climb up to that lovely spot. (Philippa, Hazel, Thomas, and Julian weren't really happy about it.)

What fun, sunny pictures! Thank you all for sending them in!


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