Camp Gowonagin 2016: Day One: Arrival at Camp

Camp Gowonagin is off to a great start this year!

Maisy is waving to the incoming campers since she arrived first.

Kit is happy to ride her brand new scooter to the campsite with her trusty dog Grace riding in front.

The Minis are happy to camp in the same beautiful spot they did last year, even if the dolls who are still in box can't see!

Looks like Meggie, Ella, and Ana can't reach their bags.

Barbara and Dolly: "Looks like our tent is not yet ready."

Molly (with her beloved Dorothy doll) and Hollis were both nervous and excited to arrive for camp. Neither of them knew any of the other campers, and had no idea of the friendship they were about to cement.

The Disney cabin is excited for camp!

The other Molly is very happy to go to Camp again this year!

First campers, Brenda is dressed for adventures, Joyce not really, that dress is just too tight.

Elsa and her friends are happy to snuggle into their sleeping bags after a great first day at camp.

Thank you to all of my lovely participants! It is going to be a fantastic week!


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