Camp Gowonagin 2016: Day Four: Camp Foods

Welcome back to Camp!

Brenda and Joyce: Before eating, a fireplace must be built. We will need more stones and more wood.

Barbara and Dolly think that at camp it is best to have soup and some sweets!

Nothing tastes as good as food cooked on a campfire. Ella has the dutch oven all ready, if only Meggie and Ana can get the fire started.

Molly and Hollis didn't know the other campers very well, so they ate and giggled by themselves.

Arabella is putting out plates and the desserts.

The Disney cabin would have a picture of their food... if Mulan hadn't burned it all.

Molly and Kit found the camp's stock of marshmallows for s'mores and have been eating them all day!

Now I'm hungry.


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