Camp Gowonagin 2016: Day Five: Going Home

(Casually was volunteering today and totally forgot today was the last day of camp...)

Barbara and Dolly are waving goodbye.

Molly is looking out at the camp and thinking about her fond memories from the last two years.

Brenda and Joyce are so sad to leave the camp and want to come back next year.

Kit waves goodbye before scooting away!

Molly and Hollis: It would have been heartbreaking when they had to say goodbye, except that Molly & Hollis learned that they lived in the same town, just going to different elementary schools!  They immediately began planning to get together the next week.

The Minis think getting the box home will be hard.

One final hug for Meggie, Ella, and Ana before going home!

Cindy is sad to be leaving camp, but she's also glad to be going home.

Maisy is sad to be going home and is already looking ahead to next year.  She hopes to get together with her cabin mates this fall.

Thanks for joining us at camp!


  1. I had so much fun doing this! Thanks for the fun week! ☺

    1. I had fun seeing your pictures! Thank you for participating!

  2. This years camp was as gorgeous as last year! Looking forward to next year! My minis are determined to go next year as well.

    1. Thank you for sending in your pictures, I love seeing what you do!


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