Rose Tyler: The Idiot's Lantern Petticoat Tutorial (and Stockings)

We are very close to being done with my Rose cosplay tutorial series, which I am very happy about, especially since I have another character's worth of tutorials coming up that I know you all are going to be very CURIOUS about. Today I'll be showing you how I made the petticoat for my Idiot's Lantern dress, which was surprisingly simple.

As shown here, Rose has a fluffy petticoat sticking out of the bottom of her dress. Unfortunately, the petticoat I'm using for this costume isn't long enough to do that on its own so I had to improvise.

Remember the dress I got to "harvest" the sequins for my dress's bodice? Well, I still had the rest of the dress so I decided to start making my petticoat by using the underskirt.

I carefully cut it off of the rest of the dress and removed it from the zipper.

Then I took some old pale pink mesh I had to make the bottom.

I cut it into two strips and pinned each strip to the hem of the underskirt, pleating as I went.

Then I sewed the net on and finished the edges of the fabric.

I then safety pinned it to the bottom of my crinoline.

Mine is not quite as fluffy as the original, but I'm still very pleased with how it turned out! I'm also glad that it is a removable piece, so I can use my crinoline on other costumes, too.

And here is the final result, with my skirt! I like that mine is a little bit subtler than the original.

Additionally, you can see the fishnet stockings I got for this costume. I ordered them on Amazon. I think they were about $2. They aren't super high quality (in fact, they arrived with a rip, though my skirt covers it) but I like the effect they give my costume.

As always, I hope this helps you aspiring Rose cosplayers!


  1. Awesome job! I've loved seeing your costume come together!:D

    1. Thank you! I have had a great time making it!


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