Petite Review: Sleeping Beauty Disney Parks Fashion Pack (Blue Dress)

On the topic of dolls that I have restored this summer, I found a dressed JC Penney Aurora doll at Goodwill (complete with her tiara.) After giving her hair a nice, careful brushing, she came out like new!

She even offered to help me review the fashion pack I got when I went to Disneyland, on the condition that she get to keep the dress. And that I stop calling her Aurora and call her Peony.

While Aurora has never been my favorite princess, I do think her movie is absolutely beautiful from an artistic standpoint (if a little slow at times.) Indeed, I would argue that it is the most beautiful hand animated Disney movie. Additionally, I love her blue dress and I wish she were featured in it more. When I saw this fashion pack, I couldn't resist.

Aurora's fashion pack arrives in a pink box that is patterned like the fabric they use in the Disney Parks for Aurora's pink dress.

The box has a clear plastic shell.


The back has a drawing of Fantasyland and a picture of (redesigned) Aurora, as well as some basic information.

The plastic outside comes off easily and has the Disney Princess logo and the Disney Parks logo in the top corners.

The fashion pack comes with a dress, a pillow, and a pair of shoes. All are attached to the cardboard backing.

Removing it was fairly simple... I just had to pop a few plastic pieces out from the back...

... and cut a few of those dratted plastic ties, all of which were tiny. I was convinced I would cut the sheer fabric of the sleeve but I managed to avoid it somehow.

Here's everything, now free from the box:

Peony was very excited to try on her new dress.

Before she was able to, though, I took a few comparison pictures of the dress she came in and her new dress.

As you can see, the blue dress is much simpler and less stiff looking. It has more detail on the skirt, with two panels that are plain providing a contrast to the glittered pattern on the rest of the dress (incidentally, also the Disney Parks dress pattern.)

The blue dress fits Peony like a dream!

The shoes fit her nicely, too, and match her dress perfectly.

The trim on the pillow matches the tiara Peony came with and ties her ensemble together. (Also, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Disney gave Sleeping Beauty a pillow???)

I'm giving this outfit a 5 out of 5 because it was a reasonable price (around $12) and came with several nice accessories. It is well made and I love the sheer material used for the sleeves and collar. I am also very pleased to see a blue dress for Aurora in the sea of pink dresses we usually see. Because of the potentially fragile nature of the sleeves, I wouldn't recommend this dress to very young children but collectors and older kids will really enjoy it!


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