Doctor Who: Running Press Deluxe Megakit Squealing Adipose Figurine and Book Review

If you've been around this blog for a while, you probably know of my love for all things Disney and Doctor Who. You probably also know that I can't resist something from either of those categories that is small and squishy (case in point: my extensive Disney Tsum Tsum collection.) Needless to say, when I saw the Doctor Who episode "Partners in Crime" (featuring the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble,) I fell madly in love with the Adipose.
Seriously, how is a blob of fat this cute?
In any event, when I saw this Adipose figurine, I knew I had to take it home with me. It also seemed like the Adipose would be fun to review for my blog, so here we are. As always, I am not affiliated with BBC or Running Press or Adipose Industries. I'm just sharing my honest opinion as the new owner of an Adipose.
The Adipose comes in a dark blue box with the BBC and Doctor Who logos, as well as a picture of a CGI adipose on the front.

The side of the box is similar to the front, with the Doctor Who logo and some stars.

The back shows a stock photo of what comes in the box and a description of what arrives with your new Adipose.

The other side is almost identical to the first side, but without the bar code and with a running press logo instead.

The top has the same information as the sides, as well as a reflective band baring the words "deluxe megakit."

The bottom contains Running Press information.

The box opens at the top, and you can see the book and the Adipose, wrapped in a plastic bag.

Here is everything, right out of the box:

Just the Adipose, wrapped in plastic:

And here is the Adipose, free from packaging and looking adorable!

There is a slight seam along the sides of the Adipose that is visible.

The Adipose is attached to the base. In between its legs is an extension of the base, which is not removable.

The shape of the Adipose is absolutely perfect, and I love the attention to detail shown in the addition of one tooth and the Adipose Industries logo!

This Adipose has a special feature - if you squeeze its tummy, it squeals! Batteries are included and activating the squealing is a matter of pulling the white tab out of the battery compartment.

Here is a video I took of my Adipose squealing:

The book is also very cute. The cover is a picture of an Adipose baby standing in the rain and looking at the camera.

Inside are lots of pictures from "Partners in Crime," as well as the story of the Adipose.

The back is a plain dark blue.

Conveniently, the book is the perfect size for an American Girl. I have a feeling Lindsey will keep this book in her room.

Overall, I give this Adipose a 10 out of 10. The Adipose was a little on the expensive side ($13) but given that most Running Press kits are around $10 and most of them don't squeal, I feel the three extra dollars are justified. I love how well the designers captured the playful, adorable Adipose in this figurine and I adore how it squeals! I would recommend this to careful kids and collectors of all ages.

Have a great week, everyone, and don't forget to sign up for Camp Gowonagin!


  1. Nice review! Those little Aliens are so cute!

    1. Thank you! The Adipose are one of my favorite Doctor Who creatures.

  2. Hey, can I sign up for camp late? XD I'm late for EVERYTHING XD

    1. If I hadn't put up the list already, I would say yes but I'm afraid not! However, I do plan on doing camp again next year!


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