Camp Gowonagin Participants 2016

Hello, internet! I finally have the list of participants (human and doll) for Camp Gowonagin 2016!

I will be entering my dolls Molly and Kit. (blog:

Anna Catherine will be entering Cindy, Poca, Mulan, Tiana, Punzie, Meri, and Anna. (blog: 

She will be entering Elsa, Olaf, Idina, Sven, Nessa, Loki, and Magneto. (blog:

Julie will be entering Maisy. (no blog that I know of)

Aighmi* will be entering Molly and Hollis. (blog:

Emma Weasley will be entering Ana, Meggie, and Ella. (blog:

Meritre will be entering Annis Ariel, Arabella Jasmine, Rosemary Rapunzel, Cris Merida, Philippa, Thomas, Hazel, Julian, Brenda, Joyce, Barbara, and Dorothea (Dolly.) (no blog)

Thank you all for entering! Remember, I need pictures by July 30th. 

For more information see this post.


  1. *snaps fingers* I missed it. :(

  2. XD, it's fine. My writing is taking up most of my time anyhows. ;p love your new theme, BTW

    1. As long as you have something you enjoy doing! Thank you! :)


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