The Describe Me Challenge

Thank you to AnonymousA for tagging me to participate in the Describe Me challenge!

I have several things I am supposed to find that describe me. I need to find:
- a song that describes my music taste
- an outfit that describes my personal style
- a meal including a drink that describes my taste for food
- a book that describes me / changed my life
- a quote that describes what I want from life
- 5 people to nominate

OKAY! The song I choose is....

Susan Egan's "Taylor, the Latte Boy"

Sorry that this is just a 50 second clip but I can't find a full version video that I like! It's from her album "Coffee House," which I love. There's only one song on there I don't totally love, and that's "Where In the World is My Prince." I highly recommend the rest of the album, though!

I ended up making two outfits because both were very similar to things currently in my closet.

As for an ideal meal, I have to say pizza and orange juice. Probably this pizza.

Also, orange juice tastes even better if you pour in about a fourth of a glass of sparkling/fizzy/bubbly water. 

For dessert, I would want birthday cake ice cream.

(Side note: I would like to establish that I do not have this sort of meal on a daily basis; I am even planning on having a salad for dinner today.)

As for my book, I feel like I should say the Bible because I am a Christian but the thing is, I can never remember a time when I was not a Christian. So the Bible changed my life before it even started. Not including the Bible, my absolute favorite book is Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine.
As for a quote, I have so many quotes that I love. There are lots that summarize aspects of things I would like in the future: relationships I'd like to be in, jobs I'd like to have, a future house, pets of my own, et cetera. But the thing is that next to none of those are 100% guaranteed to me. One of the only things I know I will always have is myself, so I decided to go the route of self improvement. When I found this, I knew it was perfect.

Well, hopefully you all got to know me a little better. Now I want to know you! I nominate anybody who wants to do this. Please just like to your response in comments! :)