Live Action Beauty and the Beast Trailer

I just saw the new teaser trailer for the upcoming Beauty and the Beast! I knew I had to share it with all of you, as well.

Personally, I think this is going to be absolutely perfect. What do you think of this first look?


  1. I loved the first look it was so pretty and exciting! ;D But I do wish they had shown a little more scenes with an actual look at the characters!! :/ I hope Disney is making some new pretty dolls for this live action Beauty and the Beast movie! Especially a new Belle doll with a stunning gown I hope.... ;)

    1. Given that it's still a year away, I'm not surprised that they didn't give us more. Remember the Cinderella teaser where they just circled the shoe for a minute? I thought they would do that with the rose! Still, I can't wait to see more than just Emma Watson's eyebrows. I hope they make dolls, too! I would just LOVE to get a Belle. And then probably another Belle to turn into Hermione...

  2. I was dying when the music first played, it's just gorgeous! I am so excited for the movie! Eek!;)

  3. Emma Watson plus fancy dresses equals beauty


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