Reviving the Curly Hair of an American Girl

WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS UNCLOTHED DOLL PICTURES. Since AG dolls have all cloth bodies, I don't think this should be an issue but if this offends you feel free to skip this post. :)

A while ago, I realized that my Ruthie's lovely curls were a hot mess, especially compared to their original style:

I brushed them out, which really didn't help.

My solution: hot water in a bowl and a wide-toothed comb.

I took each of Ruthie's curls, wet the comb, and combed the hair until it was damp.

When each section was damp and untangled, I curled the ends of her hair in the direction they naturally wanted to curl and secured them with jaw clips.

I dunked the ends of her hair into the water and let them soak for around 30 seconds at a time.

Then I wrapped Ruthie in a towel so her hair wouldn't drip onto her body.

Once her curls had dried a little, I took them out of the curlers and let them dry over night.

Here they are all dry:

And after a little finger-fluffing, in a photo story for my AG Dolls' blog.

Don't they look so much better?


  1. Great tutorial! Ruthie looks so much better and prettier! ;D
    ~ Am I Cute or What? <3 <3

    1. Thank you! She's such a beautiful doll and I'm so glad that I was able to restore that. :)


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