Quote of the Day Challenge Day Three

The final quote of my quote challenge.

Since it's the last day, I'm going to bend the rules a little bit. Instead of posting one quote and nominating three people, I'm going to post three quotes and have you, my lovely readers, pick your favorite, and then I will announce the winner next week.

Here are your choices:

1.  Atlantis quote:

This is one of my favorite Disney quotes. I think it's one of those plain truths that people easily miss.

2. Romans 8:28:

I love this, it's such a comforting verse. It's a good reminder that I may not know what's going on right now in my life but God has a plan for me and I'm being guided according to His will.

3. Hamlet quote:

I think I liked Hamlet rather more than I should have. In truth, everything about the play fascinated me and it's absolutely my favorite work by Shakespeare that I've read so far. I've seen the Mel Gibson version (Helena Bonham Carter as Ophelia was phenomenal) and I really want to see the David Tennant version (no surprise there.) Actually, one of the main reasons I started watching Doctor Who was because I watched a PBS documentary about Hamlet hosted by David Tennant. The documentary was very interesting, and I like the commentary that Mr. Tennant gave so much I decided to watch that super popular show of his. Of course, I had no idea what I was getting into...

And don't worry, those of you on the DON'T SKIP NINE train... I didn't, and I agree that you shouldn't skip Nine! He's fantastic and so underappreciated.

Okay, this post got a little ramble-y. Sorry! Okay, voting begins... NOW! See the pole on the side of the blog. :)


  1. Cool quotes. I voted for the Hamlet one!

    1. Thank you, Elsa! Why does that not surprise me... oh, and tell your human to GET BETTER RIGHT NOW from me, okay?

  2. My sister just watched the movie Hamlet. LOL! I watched the end of it and I have to say it was intense!XD I vote for the Romans one.:)

    1. I generally am very sensitive to violence and death and anything sad in media, which is why I think it's so strange that I like Hamlet so much!! The end is VERY intense. I love that Bible verse! Thanks for voting. :)

  3. Love the quotes especially Romans 8:28 I voted for that one! ;)


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