In Which MyLittleMegara Wins a Giveaway

The fabulous Winter of Faux Real Food hosted a giveaway on her blog last month. For those of you who don't know, Winter sculpts doll food from polymer clay and makes incredibly realistic pieces. I have drooled over her Etsy shop for a while but never bought anything.

Surprisingly enough, I won the giveaway! My prize arrived in a hatbox...

...securely wrapped in bubble wrap.

Under the bubble wrap, everything was individually wrapped. Talk about A+ packaging!

Here are the individual food pieces...

... and here is the tea set. Sideways, for some reason.

The tea set: this is a My Twinn tea set and an American Girl plate (the pink one.)

Winter filled the tea cups with "tea" and they are so realistic I actually thought I was going to spill one of them for a minute when I was taking the cup out of the packaging!

Winter also made a beautiful, heart-shaped Jello mold,

a GORGEOUS vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting (and sprinkles),

two perfect macaroons, four beautiful cookies,

and a baggie of heart shaped "sugar cubes," which are now safely hidden inside the sugar bowl.

There's everything together! I am absolutely blown away by the realistic, carefully detailed pieces included in this giveaway and THRILLED to be able to add these items to my growing American Girl kitchen. Thank you so much, Winter!


  1. Now it's time to get Maddie and let her throw a fabulous Teparty! :D

    1. Yes!!! Actually, these are scaled for American Girls (who are 18 inches as opposed to Maddie's 12) so I suppose she'd need to share with a larger doll!

    2. Well, she loves tea so she'll be okay with the big cups. And she'll invite all the AG dolls! :)


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