Warming up Winter with Ariel

What better way to cheer up a cold winter day than some ocean-y pictures of Ariel?

She is such a fun doll to pose and get pictures of.

Her boyfriend Eric isn't too bad, himself...

Ariel may be one of my all time favorite Disney Store dolls.

She has such thick hair and a really expressive face.

I believe she's from 2010, although I can't be 100% positive since she was a thrift store find.

Her tail is removable (it's just fabric) and she has two other dresses from her movie!

She's one of Meg's closest friends on her blog.

Looking at these pictures is making me want to watch The Little Mermaid again...

... or at least burst into "Part of Your World."

I hope you all have a happy Thursday!


  1. Aw, Ariel looks amazing! I love her hair, it's so pretty.:) Awesome pictures!


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