Fixing Molly's Hair

Over the summer, I noticed that my beloved Molly (who is around 10 years old now) really needed some hair help.

Her wig was frizzy and matted and kind of awful. Her part was tangled.

I hoped her hair would look better when I unbraided it, since I have tried to keep it nice these last few years.

It didn't.

At all.


Not one to be easily defeated, I carefully brushed out Molly's tangles. Hermione Granger emerged.

"Hermione's" hair was much more workable than Molly's had been before. Even the part was looking better! Carefully, I separated her hair into the two sections that would be her braids, securing the one I was not yet working with using an elastic.

Since my next step would involve liquid spray, I taped two Styrofoam blobs over Molly's eyes to protect her from silver eye.

I concocted a mixture of water and downy inside an old hairspray bottle of mine (not sure how much of each, but I believe it was around half and half? Sorry, I really should have posted this over the summer when I had only just done this) and began spraying her hair and brushing it through.

Since the ends of her hair were so matted, I was careful to absolutely saturate them with the liquid.

Here's that section of hair when I was done treating it.

One side done, one not.

When I was done with the whole process, I let her hair dry, then brushed it again.

Molly is now back in her iconic braids and looking much better!

Before and after:

I still can't get over how much better Molly looks now! Incidentally, the differences in her hair color in these pictures are due to lighting. The spray didn't alter her hair color in any way.


  1. Ooh! She looks so much better!:) Awesome job!

    1. Thank you! It was very satisfying to restore such a treasure.

  2. Although it was not not intentional, the haircolordifference helped her to look even more tidy and beautiful. I like this effect :)
    You are really good at giving dolls back their beauty.

  3. Good job! I loved that you called her 'Hermione'.


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