The New Girl

Remember how, way back in December, I mentioned getting a new doll for Christmas?

My hint for you was... red boots.

Here they are! Anybody guessing yet? Nope? Okay, here's her skirt.

So now we've got red boots, striped tights, and a khaki skirt with a red buckley thing. Any guesses?

Still nothing? Here's her sweatshirt.

How about the back of the head? Anybody recognize this head of curls?

YES!!! It's Lindsey Bergman, GOTY 2001!

There's her stock photo. My Lindsey has everything but her barrette!

Isn't she beautiful?


  1. Wow! Congratulations! She is so cute and I love her tights and boots!:D Her tights kind of remind me of Julie Albright's original meet outfit turtle neck shirt.:D

    1. Thank you!!! ^.^ It's funny that you mention that, I was actually thinking about Julie's shirt when I took these pictures!

  2. Awww! Awesome, Lindsey is one of my favorite girl of the years :)

  3. I have Kanani GOTY 2011 :) I might get Lea :)

    1. Kanani is beautiful! Good luck getting Lea! :)

  4. Lindsey?! Ack! Why must I have this obsession with GOTYs?!


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