In Which I Review Mini Funko POP! Keychains

In my Christmas stocking, I found these three adorable little critters and decided they should be reviewed on the blog!

For those who don't know, Funko makes all sorts of vinyl figurines of characters from various fandoms. The Funko Pop! figures are becoming very popular. They recently came out with mini versions of these figures, and then key chains with the minis.

First up is the Tenth Doctor from BBC's Doctor Who, portrayed by David Tennant.
There's the non-vinyl doctor, just for reference. :)

His box is decorated in blue and orange with white text.

Both sides of his box are identical.

The back of the box has information about copyrights and a choking hazard warning.

Now for Maleficent!

She's so tiny and evil and cute.

Here's her cartoon counterpart.

Maleficent's box is grey, with a graphic version of the Funko POP! inside on the top and sides.

One side of her box is significantly fancier than the other.

The back has large choking hazard warnings on it, maybe because the Funko POP! people assume that somebody is more likely to give a Disney character to a child than the Doctor. After all, his box says 14+ and Maleficent's says 3+.

Last up is Sally, from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

My apologies as to how blurry that is!

Once again, here's stop motion Sally.

Sally's box is decorated like Maleficent's.

Personally, I think the actual vinyl Sally is much cuter than her graphic.

Like Maleficent, Sally is marked for ages 3 and up. Little children can play with evil fairies and Frankenstein-ish rag dolls, but not Time Lords!

As for deboxing, it was the same for each figure. Open the top:

Pull out the plastic:

Remove the plastic wrap from the key chain and pop out the figure:

Now for an individual look at each of them!

We'll start with Ten again.

Each figure has some feature that ties them back to their character. For Ten, it's his Sonic Screwdriver!

Time for Maleficent.

Her accessory (non-removable, like the screwdriver) is a staff.

Last but never least, Sally!

Sally isn't holding any accessories, but she does have stitches carved into the vinyl of her face.

Quick side note while we're on the topic of Sally. I recognize that I still haven't posted the pictures of my Sally cosplay. They've been trapped on my mother's broken computer and I don't have them on mine yet!

These little figures are great for several things:

For one, they are the perfect size for an AG doll to hold. (Lindsey is a Ten fan, Kit prefers Nine.)

Obviously, since this is their original purpose, they make great key chains.

However, the key chain ring comes unclipped so you can use your little mini figures for other things!

Case in point: I am wearing Ten as a necklace today. With my new tee shirt that says "My Boyfriend's A Time Lord.", but I got it at BAM!

Right, sidetracking, sorry.

Okay, overall I give these little figures a 10 out of 10 because they are so cute and can be used for several different things other than just a key chain. They are well painted, detailed, and easily recognizable as the characters they portray, plus they take up significantly less space than their larger counterparts! Yay, Funko!

I leave you with my new header photo.



  1. I've been crazy about these things for a while, and I can't say my wallet and my mom are perfectly happy about this.
    I only have one keychain though, and that's the Eleventh Doctor. I love that Maleficent!
    You can tell Kit I'm a Nine fan as well.

    1. I understand the feeling, haha!
      I'm not up to Eleven yet... I started watching with Nine in late December and I'm almost done with season four (Ten's last, *sniff!*). I really really reeeeally liked Nine, but I think Ten is probably my favorite because our personalities are fairly similar and I think David Tennant is a brilliant actor. I loved Nine's depth and complexity, and how Ten carried some of that over but made it his own. Rose is absolutely my favorite companion so far (didn't really like Martha, and Donna is wonderful and funny.)
      Isn't Maleficent cute? I love the purple detailing.
      I'll pass the message along! :)

  2. This review (or reviews, considering you reviewed three items!;D) was awesome! I love the idea of using the minis as necklaces, that's just so cool!:D

  3. I've wanted to be a Doctor Who fan for a little while but I've never been able to get into it... I think I'll remain a harry potter fan forever! XD

    1. I'm a Harry Potter fan, too (RAVENCLAAAAAAW!) but my problem seems to be that I just keep getting sucked into more fandoms!

      Your bracelet tutorial has not been forgotten. I have a bunch of materials for it in my regular photography space but my real life has kinda taken over this past week and I haven't gotten the pictures for it yet. NEVER FEAR! I shall as soon as possible.


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