New Year 2016: A Photoshoot with Star Shimmer

As December 2015 draws to a close and January 2016 begins, I thought I should take some time with one of my beloved Generation Three My Little Ponies, Star Shimmer. As with most of (if not all) of my G3s, she has a few little flaws. I like to rescue bedraggled ponies from eBay and garage sales and the like and then fix them up. ^.^

And now... Star Shimmer!

I was going for some warm, somewhat dramatic, old Hollywood-esque lighting. Something I haven't really tried before.



  1. She's a little beauty! I never saw any of these around here... but I wonder if mini Anna or mini Elsa could ride on this lovely pony :)
    Arabella could ride a G2 pony (officially called Sundance but we called her Funky) just fine. the other girls and had absolutely no chance sitting properly on the ponys back because of their skirts.

    1. I think a lot of G3 MLPs were typically available in the US only... I'm not sure about this, though, and I know that there were several that were UK or Argentina exclusives. G3 lasted from around 2003-2007 and I have quite a few.

      Sundance was actually my first pony! I got her at a garage sale a long time ago. Arabella looks lovely! I think the G3s would be a little too pudgy for a mini to ride, but I could be wrong.

      Here's a great post comparing the different generations:

    2. Hmm you are right, G2 was okay but actually a bit small for her and G3 seems according to Beastsbelles photo a tiny bit shorter.
      I tend to check this site if I need information about the ponys and the generations:

      Unfortunately there are no comparsion pictures so thanks for the link :)

    3. I love the My Little Wiki! I use it when I need to identify a G1. I'm glad I could help!


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