Disney Parks Megara Shoe Ornament Review


To ring in the holiday season, I thought I'd review this Meg shoe ornament from the Disney Parks. It is available on the Disney Store website as well, I believe, but my lovely friend "Cinderella" got it for me in Disney World over the Summer. (She has a tradition of giving me Disney ornaments as gifts. My Christmas present last year was a Peter Pan ornament and this year's was Alice in her "drink me" bottle!)

This ornament is a purple high heeled sandal in multiple shades of lavender with gold accents.

The exterior is coated in glitter, which (miraculously) doesn't shed almost at all.

The back of the heel has Meg's iconic brunette ponytail on it, which is well sculpted and only had a little bit of unintentional glitter stuck in it.

The ribbon hanger for it is red, and it has a Disney Parks tag and a tag warning that this shoe isn't a toy.

When hanging, Meg's shoe dangles at a slight diagonal.

The heel is a yellow gold Grecian style column with a purple jewel on either side of the bottom.

The straps are reminiscent of Meg's dress, with the layering and orange gold medallions.


There's a reference picture, in case you're confused. :)

The top of the ponytail has a little gold band embedded with purple rhinestones around it.

The bottom of the toe bears the Disney Parks insignia.

The best little hidden detail about this is the artist's signature and Meg's signature at the base of the arch! I LOVE HOW HER SIGNATURE HAS THE PONYTAIL!!!

For the purposes of size and color comparison, I brought my mint condition Fashion Secrets Meg doll downstairs. In a burst of creativity when she arrived, I decided to call her Megan. She arrived from eBay out of her box, but at about half the price of a MIB Meg, with all of her stuff, perfect hair, and with some packaging still attached.

As you can see, her shoes are very different from this glamorous, haute couture ornament... but still manage to look fabulous and fashionable.


Movie Meg's shoe is less exciting... just a simple brown or gold sandal.

Megan's outfit is much pinker than the almost periwinkle of the shoe, although the glitter reflects the color of her dress a little bit better.

Incidentally, the shoe doesn't fit her.

Overall, I give this shoe a 10 out of 10. It's well made, beautiful, and seems fairly sturdy. It is a little bit fragile-looking and it wobbles a little bit when it stands, but it balances well on my shelf and looks absolutely perfect with the rest of my Megara collection. I wouldn't give this to a child, especially if the child would want to recreate the picture of Megan wearing the shoe. I had to be very careful and I was a little worried that I could break the straps if I lost my grip on the doll and she pushed forward too hard. This is a display piece, and a beautiful one at that, but one had best heed the warning on the tag and not play with this ornament. That being said, I am thrilled that we finally have some beautiful and RECENT Megara merchandise! Well done, Disney.

It's Been A Real Slice.


  1. I had no idea that Meg got a shoe ornament! I'm always tempted by those when I see them on the online shop! They have such fun details incorporated into the designs!

    1. To the best of my knowledge, it only showed up this summer! I saw a leaked picture of it and just knew I HAD to get it. I've been resisting the urge to buy the shoes for a while because they didn't have a character I really loved (and Rapunzel's was cute, but not ''wow'' enough to tempt me.) I got excited when they made Anna's, but then I thought the front of the shoe looked a little too much like the bust of a dress as opposed to actually looking like a shoe. My favorite had been Mushu's, but I am not enough of a Mulan fan to justify getting it. Sure, I like Mulan, but it isn't a favorite. Then Meg's came along!!! I'm crossing my fingers for a Hades one, eventually. I know they have a pin, but I'd love an ornament!

  2. I've been hoping for this post since I first saw that shoe ornament in the online shop!
    Great review! :)

    1. I'm glad to supply you with it! ^.^

      Thank you. :)


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