Petite Review: Truly Me Flamingo Beach Dress

The Flamingo Beach Dress is my first purchase from the revamped My American Girl line now known as Truly Me.

It arrives in a brightly colored pastel box with little chalk doodles in it.

I really like the new designs!

Made in China, copyright 2015, et cetera et cetera.

The sticker is crooked, and it's bothering me.

The box is all one piece, with one large flaps and two small ones serving as a lid.

The dress inside is wrapped in American Girl tissue paper.

Opening it up is like looking out a window at the beach. It's an instant wash of bright, cheerful color!

The dress by itself: not too wrinkled for the way it was packaged!

As you can see, this does not have any Velcro or anything in back... just an elastic waistband to pull over the doll's head.

Underneath the dress are a pair of sandals, a bracelet in a baggie, and a silica gel packet.

I put Wendy in this dress to get pictures and I must say, she looks adorable!

I wasn't sure if I'd like the fit of the dress once I saw it up close, but I love it!

The bracelet is just plastic on blue elastic and it's almost too big for Wendy's wrist, but the starfish bead is adorable and it is a nice accessory.

The shoes are precious... I want them in MY size!!

They are well made and slide on using the elastic straps. As far as I know, the buckles don't work.

Overall, I give this dress a 5 out of 5 for being well made, visually pleasing, and having adorable shoes. I'm very glad that I grabbed this when on sale and I can see it working well as a tunic with leggings and a cardigan for the colder months as well as a cute sundress for summer.

What do you think of it?


  1. I really liked this review! The bracelet is adorable, and I <3 the sandals. :)


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