Samantha Picks Out Pumpkins

What says "October" more than going pumpkin picking? We didn't actually pick-as-in-remove-from-the-stem any pumpkins this year, but we did pick-as-in-select some from a local farm. Samantha came along to help in a handmade dress given to me by the mother of a dear friend of my father's. Not sure where she got it, though. ;)

I submitted this photo to the Doll Diaries Sunday Showcase!

I made this one my header this month.


Samantha found one that's just her size!

Just as she sat on a hay-bale in the shade...

... the very friendly barn cat that had been following me around came over to say hi!

Okay, I admit it, I put the cat on the hay-bale. But come on, look at how cute they are! :)

Do you have any Fall traditions?



  1. Samantha is just adorable, she really looks great in orange. My favorite fall traditions are raking leaves and eating yummy candy :)

    1. Thank you! She was a wonderful surprise find. I love eating chocolate. :)


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