It's Been A Real Slice September: Frozen on Ice Anna and Elsa Review

Remember how I said that all of my September posts would be about things that have had a major impact on my blogging? Well, this post is a Frozen doll review so it perfectly fits that category!


Just a warning: I don't usually do reviews of articulation with undressed dolls, but I did do that for this review. If that offends you, skip over that part. :)

Anna and Elsa are very different from the other dolls in my collection (more on that later) so I was able to swallow the steep $30 each price on these two.

Both girls' boxes are almost identical.

The only difference I noticed was a sticker on the top of Elsa's that was in Spanish, for some reason.

I thought it was interesting that there was no "copyright Disney" on this.

Getting the little tab in the bottom out of the box's top was an absolute nightmare for both girls... I didn't want to rip the boxes, and that proved to be extremely difficult. Aside from that, deboxing was very easy: just pull out the cardboard insert and untwist the twist ties.

Elsa's box also had shoes taped to the side in a little baggie.

Just like that: free! This was one of the easiest deboxings I have ever attempted.


Anna has orange hair with thin bangs and braids and a very unique face with molded eyelids and eyebrows.

She has green eyes with thick eyeliner. Rather than having individual eyelashes or eyebrow hairs, she has stripes painted onto the solid color lines. Her lipstick is bright fuchsia, she has pale pink blush, and her freckles are dark and irregular looking.

The molded eyebrows and eyelids are strange, but give Anna an interesting profile.

My Anna has some sort of strange factory flaw where her cheek has little indentations in it, almost like pock marks.

I took Anna's cloak (which is completely identical to Disney Store Anna's) off to get a better view of her skirt and top. Anna's blouse has thick, slightly glittery rosemaling on it and her skirt has more thick rosemaling, but no glitter.

Anna's outfit is two piece, and her blouse is not finished.

Anna's boots have gold rosemaling on them and pink soles.

They seem to be identical to Disney Store Anna's.

Anna's mittens are held onto her hands with little elastics, which I left on.

Anna's braids have blunt cut bottoms, and her skirt is very rumpled in back.


Elsa also has molded eyelids and eyebrows, and her expression is unlike any other doll I've ever seen.

Elsa has bright blue eyes with pale pink eye shadow. Her eyelashes are the same style as Anna's, and her eyebrows are similar but lighter. She has purple blush and bright reddish purple lips.

My Elsa doesn't have the same defect as Anna, but part of her hair does stick up strangely. It looks fine from the front, though.

Her dress is simple and the skirt is waaay too long for her.

Her bodice has silver glitter on it.

Her skirt is so long in front that you can see it folding around her feet.

Her cape has subtle blue glitter on it in the iconic snowflake design and her dress Velcros in back.

She has on slightly ill fitting shoes that look more like what my best friend likes to call "Norwegian slippers" than anything else.


Anna and Elsa have identical articulation, so I decided to only undress Elsa (I didn't want to mess with Anna's mittens.)

Elsa has 9 points of articulation: head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hips.

Elsa is one of the most oddly portioned dolls I have ever had. She is tiny, but has a huge head.

She is made of rather stiff plastic and has two holes in her back. She has on painted underwear.

Elsa's head can turn a full 360 degrees.

She sits beautifully, but her splits leave a little to be desired.

Elsa has some of the most fascinating arm articulation I've ever seen, especially her elbows. She can bend her arm much more realistically than other dolls I have.

She has very small hands and a somewhat limited range of motion in them.

They also appear to be a slightly different color than the rest of her body.

Elsa's feet have large holes in the bottoms which serve no purpose whatsoever.

I thought Elsa was similarly proportioned to a Liv doll, so I undressed a Disney Store Rapunzel doll (Hyacinth, if anyone read her Meet Cute Monday post) and a Liv doll (not sure who, she was a thrift store find) to compare. Boy, was I wrong!

Both Miss Liv and Hyacinth positively tower over tiny little Elsa!


Anna and Anna appear similar at first glance, but have lots of differences in the details.

Their skirts are very different in design and are slightly different colors.

The mittens are two different fabrics, and their shirts are two different colors, though you can't really tell in this picture.

They have similar hats, but DoI Anna's has a thicker band of  highly realistic purple fur than DS Anna's.

DoI Anna's shirt is fairly ill fitting and frumpy and her rosemaling is much thicker and less glittery.

The two capes are identical. DS Anna's hair is a little thicker and has tapering ends where DoI Anna's is blunt cut.

The two dolls have very different faces: DS Anna is sweet and caring where DoI Anna looks more like "Feistypants" who will not let anyone stop her. The naivety of the character versus her determination.

The Elsas look more different at first glance than the Annas.

DS Elsa is coated in glitter where DoI Elsa is only lightly dusted in it... also, the two are different colors. DS Elsa is purple and DoI Anna is pink.

DS Elsa has thicker hair, but DoI Elsa has stiffer hair (which is a good thing, in the case of Elsa.)

DS Elsa's cape is richly decorated with a stunning glitter design that DoI Elsa has... maybe... I think... in really pale glitter. It's hard to tell.

The two faces are very, very different...  one is the sweet, sisterly Elsa and the other is the fiercely independent Elsa slamming the door on her ice castle.

Together, the two new dolls are lots of fun to pose and get pictures of.

Overall, I give these dolls an 8 out of 10. I love their unique faces and wonderful arm articulation, but I feel like they are kind of low quality for the price. I do find that the longer I have them, the more I appreciate them and they certainly offer a fascinating addition to my collection. I wouldn't recommend spending the absurd resale prices on these two, though, if you can avoid it. I also wouldn't recommend giving these dolls to a young child as they seem potentially fragile. 

Thanks for stopping by and yay for my 150th post!



  1. I really enjoyed this post. :)

    1. Thanks, Kaylen! It was a lot of fun to do this review!

    2. No problem! I love reading all of your doll reviews to see the difference between others and the uniqueness of one. :)

  2. Hmm their proportions are a bit unusal but it's only noticable when they are undressed. And their arm articulation is great if only they wouldn't be so fraigle!
    Their faces look a bit more like their movie counterparts than the DS dolls but I like the DS doll a little better. But they are all really nice dolls, and the review is great, too.

    1. I agree about the proportions and articulation.

      I think that they and the DS dolls look equally like their characters - just different emotions. I also prefer the DS dolls, but I suppose I'm kind of biased. :)

      Thank you!


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