eBay Squee: Molly's Pleasant Company Nighttime Necessities for $10.75???

YES! That is not a joke or a mistype, I got Molly's PC Nighttime Necessities (sans book) for just under eleven dollars!!

These were the pictures from the listing.

So... how does the stuff compare in person?

So far, so good. This set looks adorable on the nightstand (major kudos to Dad for fixing it, it arrived horribly broken when I got it in June.)

Here's the lamp by itself. It looks much less dirty in person than on eBay, though the inside of it does have some odd yellow stains.

It has red and white cording around the top and bottom of the shade.

One of the spokes (is that what they're called in a lampshade?) is broken and another one is breaking, but I don't plan on playing with them so they should be fine. :) I don't know if my lamp works because I don't have a light bulb or batteries for it yet.

Here you can see the Pleasant Company markings:

The hot water bottle is also adorable, and fits perfectly on the bottom shelf.

Up across the top, it says "Pleasant Dreams,'' another cute nod to the fact that this is a Pleasant Company item.

It has a small hole on the bottom and I have no idea why, though it is obviously intentional.

There is a black plug and a chain on the top.

There's another hole here that the chain goes through, and the edge of the hole is ripped on mine. This doesn't look intentional- it's too uneven.

The plug is surprisingly large (and my hand looks surprisingly warped in that picture.)

The back of the water bottle is just plain.

Have any of you had a good dolly deal recently?

I'm hoping to get a doll review up this month (I haven't in quite a while!) plus this month is my one year blogiversary, so there'll be some special surprises to go with that.

See ya real soon!



  1. Your new title photo is so cute! :D

    1. Also, thanks so much for putting my button on your sidebar! It means a lot. ☺

  2. The hole in the bottom is so that the bottle can be hung upside down to drain and drip dry.


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