Meet Cute Monday: Kitty Cheshire

Meet... Kitty Cheshire.

Kitty Katherine Cheshire is one of those people who might always be happy, as she's always smiling, but she gets annoyed pretty easily since very few people understand her native tongue, Riddlish.

She is the Way Too Wonderland edition of Kitty Cheshire that I picked up at Walmart a while ago.

Kitty loves to tease her friends and is an expert in causing mayhem and mischief. What can she say? It's her destiny.

Kitty is a native of Wonderland, where everything gyres and gimbles in the wabe.

Kitty's best friend and fellow Wonderlandian is Maddie Hatter.

That's all for today, folks! Come back next time for more Meet Cute Monday posts. :)



  1. I thought when I first saw photos ofWay Too Wonderland Kitty that her neon colored makeup and curls looks odd with her purple skin. But now she looks actually quite nice. ANd I'm happy Maddie has a friend now and Kitty found someone who actually speaks riddlish.

    1. She is an odd color combo, but I think she's very fun. Maddie is thrilled that Kitty is here!!


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