Meet Cute Monday: Applejack

Meet... Applejack.

Applejack is a hardworking, loyal, honest farm girl.

She is a 2012 My Little Pony Applejack single figure.

Applejack loves to be outdoors but is just as happy to stay on my G4 shelf with the rest of the Mane 6 and all of my other MLP friends.

AJ went out to the mountains with me this summer, which is where I got all of these pictures.

Applejack is friends with all of my other G4 ponies, although she and my many, many Raritys sometimes have a hard time getting along.

Happy Monday!


  1. She's really cute!
    If there are so many ponies than it can be sometimes difficult to get along but it will eventually turn out fine. :)

    1. They usually get along quite well, but Rarity's a bit of a "glamour girl" and AJ... well.. she's not. :)


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