What In The World Has MyLittleMegara Been Doing???

I haven't exactly been blogging faithfully this last month and I'm very sorry about that. Instead, I've been...

Shopping for AG stuff on eBay and AGPlaythings (although this auction, which went from $16 to over $80, did not include any bids from me.)

Weeding the yard (we had a crab grass explosion and I get paid to weed so eBay fueled weeding fueled eBay ad infinitum.)

Sewing (lots and looooots of doll clothes for EVERY DOLL!!!!!!!!)

Eating (and breathing and sleeping and all that... I just liked this picture.)

Reading (Harry Potter. Enough said.)

Volunteering at the library (it's actually a lot of fun, plus I really like the people I'm working with.)

And that has been my month in a nutshell. I'm working on Sadness' review and I hope to get that up soon, plus Camp Gowonagin is coming so YAY!

Bye bye!


  1. I love that picture of Rapunzel! It looks like she just finished the book and needs a little time to get back to reality :)

    1. Thank you! I took that picture a long time ago when I was still trying to figure out my camera. It's sort of fuzzy, but it gives it a dreamlike quality that I'm rather fond of. :)

  2. You just have to read the Harry Potter books over and over again! Would be so awesome if it were real. Good thing I live close to the universal studios! I too have the American girl craze this month. I really want a Caroline or grace for a lower price.

    1. Yes, yes, and lucky! I like Caroline's eyes... have you looked on eBay? You might be able to find a used Caroline for less than a new one. I can't promise the same for Grace, though!


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