Meet Cute Monday: Rochelle Goyle

Meet... Rochelle Abrielle Goyle.
Rochelle Goyle is a hopeless romantic with a taste for Parisian fashion, although her budget for it is limited as she is only 15.

She is the Ghouls Night Out Rochelle and I got her as a birthday gift.

Rochelle is usually on her phone, using her Pinterest and Polyvore accounts to create new outfits.

Rochelle was born (or sculpted, or whatever gargoyles are) in France and as a result speaks both English and French fluently.

Rochelle is getting along very well with Operetta, and I bet that they'll end up being good friends.
Et voila! C'est la vie de Rochelle.

To see a review of this Rochelle, I suggest this one. This is a review that contains three other dolls (it was a four pack, my Rochelle was a single release), minor swearing, and an idea or two that I don't agree with, but I still found that it was helpful and informative. 


  1. Rochelle is beautiful!!! I have a few MH dolls myself and I'm hoping to collect more!

    1. I'm so glad you like her! The MH dolls are a lot of fun. Rochelle is an instant favorite for me. :)


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