Disney Store Deluxe Talking Sadness Doll Review

Inside Out came out about a month ago and it was wonderful. I highly, highly recommend it. As I predicted, Sadness was my favorite character, although I liked Joy even more than I expected. I would recommend bringing tissues if you cry during movies (I know I do!)  

Speaking of Sadness and crying, here is the lovely deluxe talking Sadness doll from the Disney Store. If you want to purchase her online, you can do so here.

Sadness arrives in a metallic, dark blue box with a yellow inside.

The box is decorated with small dots, the Inside Out logo, and pictures of the characters.

Holes in the side of the box allow Sadness to  be heard.



Sadness has an adorable face that captured me instantly. There was no question as to whether or not she was coming home where I could give her all the hugs she needs.

I was intrigued by Sadness' memory ball and then I realized that it was basically a fancy picture frame.

Getting Sadness' cardboard insert out of the outer box was simple.

Cue the packaging nightmare.

Poor Sadness had plastic ties all over her! She had little clear plastic tabs on either side of her head with ties in them.

She also had a small twist tie around her waist and under her sweater.

Her memory ball was held in by some clear plastic and was fairly easy to just pop right out.

After that, Sadness was free!

Oh... umm... hi

Sadness' sweater is a pale blue knit with silver glitter woven in.

She has navy blue pants and little molded on bedroom slippers.

Because when you're sad, you mope around in pajamas.
It's just what you do.

Sadness talks (more on that later) and you can see her speaker here. She is still easy to hear, even with the thick sweater layer over her speaker.

Her hair is a soft bright blue with tinsel in it. It is parted on one side and has some styling product in it.

Her rooting pattern is fairly thick, but not as thick as, say, 2010 classic Rapunzel.

Her glasses, which are not removable, are attached to her face with small, round pegs.

Sadness' eyes are an egg shape with a very detailed iris, thin blue liner, and pale blue... eye shadow? I think?

Sadness' eyebrows are yet another shade of blue with a darker blue center.

She has a tiny little button nose and a small frown.

There is a slight purple/ pink blush in her cheeks.


Sadness has seven points of articulation; shoulders...



and hips.

When I had her sit, I noticed some weird bubbly spots on the bottoms of her feet.

Sadness just lights up whenever you hold her hand... sorry, bad pun. But seriously, when you hold the silver button on her hand she glows and says several ADORABLE phrases.

Sadness' memory ball has a peg on the bottom that fits in the hole on her other hand.

At least, that's what it's SUPPOSED to do. What it actually does is fall off.

Here, to show Sadness' size, I have her with a Disney Parks princess doll, an EAH doll, and a Funko Pop! figure.

I apologize about the terrible quality of this picture.

Before I grade Sadness I just thought I should share these pictures of Sadness in the bonnet from an AG set.

Overall, I give Sadness a 10 out of 10. My only real issue with Sadness is that her memory ball doesn't stay in her hand (I don't even mind the strange seam in her forehead!) and that doesn't really matter to me. Sadness is precious and, frankly, a must have for any Disney Pixar fan.

Bye, everybody.



  1. Replies
    1. She is seriously the cutest thing.

  2. She's SUPER cute! I wish the talking doll they made of Disgust was even half as cute.

    1. I agree. I considered getting Joy too but she was so manic that I just couldn't do it. I like the Disgust doll's eyelashes, but she clashes with herself. :(

    2. Ha ha, yeah Joy was a bit scary for sure. Fear's doll made him look strangely Muppet-like, I thought. Oddly enough, the doll that had already sold out at the Disney Store I visited... was Anger! Go figure, lol!

    3. Well, Anger was realistic... but still! Weird, haha!

  3. Replies
    1. She may be my cutest doll. There's some stiff competition, though, with the Animator Collection dolls!


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