Day Two of Camp Gowonagin: Camp Crafts

Welcome back to Camp Gowonagin! Today, everydoll has been experimenting with their creative sides. :)


Annis is trying to build a hut, but as you can see it just keeps falling apart.

Maisy made a God's Eye. She thinks it will be fun to hang in her room at home.

Nellie never really had patience for crafts, but she surprised herself by absolutely loving her new friendship bracelet & she thinks the ability to weave will be handy in many ways in her future.

Arabella is trying to make a flower crown.

Cindy and her cousin Snowy are making fun sand foam in crafts today!

Molly made a sit upon so that she would be comfortable by the campfire.

Chris: "Look what I found! Cooking is crafting, isn't it?"

Meggie: "You know you could help me, Ella..."

Rosemary: "Do you like my new hat? I made it myself!"

Every craft looks great! Come back tomorrow to see more!



  1. These are so much fun! It is lovely to see what everyone has been doing in their camp week!


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