Day Three of Camp Gowonagin: Home Away From Home

Sometimes it's easy to get homesick when you're away from the place you've always known. Sometimes, though, it's a great adventure!

Anna's feeling a little homesick, so Cindy is cheering her up. On their blog, the Disney Dolls, Cindy is putting up an extended post about Gowonagin every day! Go check it out!

Ella and Meggie are passing the time by playing games. "Ha! Meggie, I win!" "I hate war."

Nellie doesn't talk about it much, because it isn't a really useful skill, but she prefers to hang out in trees on her down time, and quickly made herself at home in one of the camp trees.

Chris' friends are a little homesick, so she's trying to cheer them up. "Don't be sad, girls, look what I've made you!"

Arabella sees this pot and it makes her think of her home in Agrabah, which she'll never get to see.

Annis is trying to comfort a homesick Rosemary.

Maisy is swimming! It's her favorite thing to do at home and at camp.

Molly is having a great time this week and feels so comfortable in her cabin, although she does miss some of her friends back home.

I can't believe that we're halfway through the week!



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