Day One of Camp Gowonagin 2015: Arrival at Camp

It's finally Camp! I can't wait to share all of the wonderful photos I received this year from several different types of dolls and their humans from at least two countries.

Molly was thrilled to go to camp this year and couldn't wait to start making her cabin into her home for the week.

Meri of The Disney Dolls is ready for her first day of camp!

Rosemary is inspecting the camping place.

Annis arrives at camp with a huge black backpack (borrowed from Dex Charming.)

Arabella: "Are we finally there? These bags are so heavy!" *throws herself in the grass and closes her eyes* (bags borrowed from the Ghostilla dolls)

Chris: "This is it! We are there!"

When Nellie arrived for her week at camp, she was thrilled to see climbing equipment!  Abandoning her duffle bag, she scurried up the climbing wall and stood triumphantly in the cabin above.

Meggie and Ella: "Ready?"

Maisy can't believe how heavy her suitcase is!

Happy first day of camp, everybody! See you tomorrow!



  1. I just love it! :D

    1. Me too! I love seeing everybody's pictures!

    2. My girls are already talking about next year and that they want to take Hazel and Philippa with them :D


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