Day Four of Camp Gowonagin: Under the Stars

One of the best parts of Camp Gowonagin is getting to see the world at night. Our campers enjoyed seeing and doing all sorts of things.

Chris found a wishing star!

Meggie and Ella: "How did the red team even get this up here?"

Annis is looking up at the stars with her friends.

Maisy is ready for the campfire and sing along. She found the perfect stick for s'mores!

Molly and Nellie think it's so nice to sleep soundly after a long day at camp and are so happy to share their cabin.

Rosemary: "Star... I mean... flower gleam and glow..."

Snowy and Posie are also stargazing!

The light shining on Arabella caused her friends to burst out laughing. "Star meets princess!" they laughed, "The result is the legendary shining white princess!"

Looks like everydoll had a marvelous time!



  1. Wonderful photos! I love the stargazing theme.

    1. I know, I'm so pleased with the submissions! Which one is your favorite?

    2. This may be my favorite theme!!!!


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