Day Five of Camp Gowonagin: Departure from Camp

Sadly, it is the last day of camp. :( I've really enjoyed seeing everybody's photos and I can't wait to do this again next year!

Meggie and Ella are working together as they leave... sort of. "Are you going to help me?" "No, you're doing just fine on your own!"

Arabella is complaining because she doesn't want to have to carry her heavy bags again.

Molly is sad to leave camp, but she knows that it will be okay because she can leave with all sorts of wonderful memories.

Annis is going home, but her backpack is sooo heavy!

Cindy is grateful for the fun and relaxing week.

Chris is waving goodbye to the camp.

Maisy: "Time to go home already? I'll never get this suitcase shut without some help! I hope everyone had as much fun at camp as I did!"

Nellie is happy about her new friend, Molly. They promised to stay in touch and be Forever Friends.

Rosemary is ready to go home, but is trying to hide her tears. She is sad that camp is over.

Thank you all so much! :D



  1. Thank you for organising this, it was wonderful! I'l looking forward to next year!
    By the way, here is Little Sis for you, Fairy Godmother. What name do you think would suit this gal?

    1. No problem, it was super fun! Hmm... I like Olivia and Fiona for her. :)

  2. What a terrific week!! Nellie misses her new friend Molly and can't wait for camp again next year!!!

    1. The two of them will just have to go on more adventures!

    2. Nellie is already looking forward to it!

  3. My dolls had a wonderful time! I can't wait for next year!


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